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Descending water courses with the aid of slides, jumps and abseils is great fun. Canyons range from gorge walks, exploring deep gorges with little technical skill required, to committing descents with long abseils and big jumps into small pools. Lochaber is used to a bit of rain and the streams have cut beautiful canyons into the hillsides as a result. Exploring these exciting places is what canyoning is all about.

All our canyoning trips require some specialist equipment which will be provided for you. Wet suits in particular need to be very durable and very warm. We'll give you helmets, bouyancy aids and harnesses to keep you warm and well padded.

Scheduled Ben Nevis Canyon Trips

In 2013 we'll be running the Ben Nevis Canyon every Friday in May through to September. This is your chance to join a group for this amazing canyon that drains the North Face of Ben Nevis. There are plenty of slides and jumps along with a few abseils. This is open to individuals or groups and the whole trip takes 4 to 5 hours. Simply use the buttons below to complete a booking form and make a payment.

Intro Canyons
What could be more fun than sliding down chutes into deep plunge pools on a warm sunny day? In fact it's just as much fun on a wet day and is great for all the family.

Advanced Canyons
Once you've got used to how it all works, done some abseils and practiced good jumping technique, it's time for the more serious canyons. These day-long trips are guaranteed to impress and push you out of your comfort zone.

First Descents
If you want real adventure, let's go exploring uncharted ground. There are many canyons that look good on the map and from the bank but until you give them a go you don't know what you're going to get. It could be easy or hard, clean, messy or just impossible. What ever it is, it will be an adventure in the truest sense.

For groups of two or more people we will choose the best canyon for you and give you a unique adventure!

The price is 80 per person and we will provide helmets and harnesses, ropes and technical gear, wetsuits and bouyancy aids.

To make an enquiry or booking read the Course Information, give us a call on 01397 772466 or email us to arrange dates then pay by Google Checkout.

We will also need a completed Booking Form from each participant.

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